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Apply to be a Vendor at the PB Makers Fest

If you would like to become one of our many vendors throughout the Pine Barren Makers Fest, apply here! Your application will be reviewed by our jury of peers. If you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance email!

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How it all Began

The story behind the Pine Barren Makers Festival

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  • Vendor:

    "The festival was very well organized and when I had a moment to step away, people seemed to be really enjoying themselves. It was more than just a shopping event, but a place for folks to gather and hang out together. We met so many wonderful vendors and shoppers"
  • Sponsor:

    "We are so proud of the hard work and dedication you guys put into this event. We think that what ever improvements you make are very small, because everything was perfect."
  • Vendor

    "I have been a maker/sell for almost 20. Hands down one of my favorite events. PBMF is in the top 3. Amazing group of high end makers, customers that appreciated hard-work and craftsmanship, the most helpful & attentive hosts. Not to count being at a gorgeous location. The event layout was perfect. I can’t wait to attend next yr. I’m excited to see all that the PBMF has in its future."

PB Makers Fest Recap