How the Pine Barren Makers Fest began!

We started building the "Pallet House" in March 2020 and finished it around November 2020.When Covid hit and craft festivals were at a halt, we realized we had a lot of stock items that we did not have room for, so we came up with the idea to create the "Pallet House". The "Pallet House" was a glorified shed with 10ft high ceilings that were created from pallet wood and other free timber. We had so much fun building it and the whole family was a part of it. We documented the entire process of the build online so our followers and supporters could feel like they were part of the build. Thankfully, many of our family, friends, and clients were able to come visit the "Pallet House" before it burnt down on June 24th, 2021 due to an electrical fire.Immediately following the fire, the community stuck together to help us rebuild, however, the township did not. Not being able to rebuild, we put our focus into bringing the community together in the form of the "Pine Barren Makers Fest"